Why is Lockpicking important?

Lockpicking is basically an art. It takes a lot of time, practice and dedication to learn to do properly and effectively. We have several lock picking methods to enter a premise and the various tools required and we pride ourselves on our non destructive opening techniques.

Many locksmiths have neither the tools or expertise to facilitate an entry by means of lock picking.

This is why so many so-called “locksmiths” turn up at your door with a drill in their hand. They have neither the skills, tools nor dedication to learn to pick your locks open. They can also charge you for a new lock, even if your keys are still inside!

Here at LockMaster NI, we will always aim to pick your lock, thereby saving you the expense of having a new lock fitted, when you have a perfectly adequate one already on your door and the keys for it in your house.

Can you open my car?

We offer a comprehensive mobile locksmith service that can gain entry to any and all vehicles. This is a leading feature of our service – as each vehicle manufacturer have their own key systems (both electronic and non-electronic) which means that most locksmith firms cannot support or maintain the tools needed for such jobs.

Our fully qualified staff have the experience tools and skills required to pick any vehicle lock to give a professional and efficient service to all our customers.
We are specialists in non destructive entry, and offer a 24 hour emergency service with fast response for customers who are locked out of their vehicle.

Can you repair my lock?

Most locks that malfunction are able to be saved by our skilled locksmiths. We can repair most locks to the point that they function as if they were new locks. The casing of the lock will be hidden from view and therefore it’s condition will not affect or determine the locks efficiency

We at the same time can alter your other locks so that one key fits all. We refer to this as “locks keyed alike”.

Here at LockMaster NI, we will always try to save your existing lock unless instructed otherwise, thereby saving you the expense of having a new lock fitted, when you have a perfectly adequate one already on your door and possibly the keys for it in your house or property.

Can you quickly change my locks?

If we are unable to fix a current lock we will change your lock for you supplying the required keys also.

If you have taken over a property you may require your locks changed to ensure your property is secure as nobody can guarantee that previous key holders have handed over all copies of the current keys. There are other reasons for requiring your locks changed such as an unwanted guest may have keys to your property or you are a landlord, guest house owner that requires to change locks to ensure past patrons will not have access to your property.

Here at LockMaster NI, what ever your reason for requiring your locks changed we will be discreet and complete your requirements in a quick and effecient manner.

What kind of Service Quality can I expect? Do you work at Insurance Quality level?

In today’s world we have to make sure that we are covered by the small print in your insurance contract.

To relieve you of this burden we ensure that all our work meets insurance standards.

If your current locks or security system requires upgrading to meet insurance standards then we can quote you a price for you to think over at your leisure.

Help, I’ve just been burgled

When someone has suffered a burglary the last thing they need is the thought that the intruder can return at will and repeat the process

We will ensure that all vulnerable points of entry are secure and improved upon, by means of altering or adding locks to areas requiring further security.

We can also install alarm systems as required to give total security and peace of mind including installation of bars, grilles and shutters.


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