Lockpicking is an art


There are a lot of unscrupulous locksmiths about. Those who don’t know how to use the tools of the trade, who leave damage and scars behind them. At best they’ll drill through the lock to get you in – and at worst they’ll leave you with an expensive – and permanent reminder of their visit.

To be able to open any lock requires both time and money – the years of dedication to the craft that allows you to open locks without signs of entry – and the tens of thousands of pounds needed in the raw materials/technology to open both modern and classic doors.

Our fully qualified staff have the experience, tools and skills required to pick any house or vehicle lock, and we provide a full locksmith service for all PVC-U doors. We pride ourselves in giving a professional and efficient service to all our customers 24 hours a day.

If you are locked out of your House, Car or Office then we can get you back in. We use the latest technology and techniques allowing our locksmiths to open your locks without damage to your property.



LockMasterNI is a master locksmith with a 24 hour call out service. When you are locked out, we get you back in. As part of our lockpicking service we can:

– unlock car / open car door / deal with any carlocks
– get you back in your home when you are locked out / lock in lock out / locked out of the house / lost house keys
– deal with any advanced lock / home lock
– offer a full road service – we are 24 hours a day


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